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Saying Hello!


The handshake supposedly began as far back as 5 B.C., as a gesture to prove to a stranger that you were unarmed and meant no harm. But now 2020 in the time of the coronavirus outbreak, that sign of good faith can no longer be trusted.

This teaching & learning experience can happen in the classroom, online and can continue throughout your life!

Vocabulary Art


When you paint a picture, you want people to look at it. When you speak, you want people to listen. Assuming they understand you, why do they listen? Think of your speaking skill as a blank canvas. You want to fill that canvas with creative and interesting speech.

Social Media is everywhere and the new normal way to connect with friends and people in general; share opinions and tell the world about you or even broadcast your life! Humans are social creatures and we have moved from face to face, handshaking meetings to social networking. We are tied to technology the way fish need water. New...

So we understand the verb: to Take. As in the examples above, you can take a lot of things. This usually means you are going to do something, an action. You might grab something or someone and move away to another location, take some medicine = to consume or eat it, take a test = someone will give...

A word has a sound, a meaning and a spelling.......but what if they sound the same but are spelled differently, spelled the same but sound different, same spelling but different meaning.....Enter the world of HOMO and HETER

Fun or Funny


English learners have some difficulty understanding the difference between these two similar words. Both Fun and Funny are adjectives and 'fun" can also be a noun.

I used to think that the longest word was "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from the Mary Poppins movie song. Of course, that word is gibberish (nonsense) - The actual real longest word is:

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