2020 - A New Decade of Digital Collaboration


A new year, a new decade, and I think it will be all about technology! Education is changing and so must I.

4 of the most important trends that we will see influence our schools and learning platforms:

Hybrid homeschooling                                                                                              AI: Artificial Intelligence                                                                                              AR: Augmented reality                                                                                              VR: Virtual reality

...and this is all about tech!

Teachers should NOT feed you information or just lecture from the front of their classroom; they are facilitators, guiding students to discover and think for themselves. This new decade is about enabling both teachers and students to a more streamlined and tech-savvy environment.

Hybrid homeschooling - some parents choose to teach their children from home using books and available resources however there are gaps in the education provided. There are economic burdens, lack of social interaction, and time restraints. Can a parent afford to stay home and homeschool their child? Can you get a full 6 hours of lessons accomplished in a day? Is your child missing out on social interaction and development? Add some tech and use the online modules and face to face classrooms, be flexible. Perhaps have 3 days of homeschooling and 2 days at a more traditional school, or add in any of the other options that are becoming readily available. Education is now a very customizable opportunity!

AI:  Am I being replaced by a robot? NO - artificial intelligence is a tool, equipment to assist and improve. Think of the AI assistance for teachers in regard to grading, tutoring and analytics. Yes please! 

AR: This brings learning to life! Boring text & images and faraway places that are brought to life with an overlay of technology. Remember Pokemon Go - computer generated characters seen on your street. Welcome to AR.               Add virtual images over real-world objects

Which children are learning more? 

VR:  Different from AR because everything you see is digitally created. Students can create their own 3D world. Language learning using VR can feel like full immersion into an English lifestyle! The classroom just went from b.o.r.i.n.g. to WOW this is fun.

I am going to try and incorporate some of these tech, toys and tools into my Online English classes. Come to Ole Academy Online English and allow me to show you how, where, and why you might enjoy studying English in 2020.

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