Who Supports You?


To stifle                                                                                                                            To encourage

This teaching & learning experience can happen in the classroom, online and can continue throughout your life!

Do we ever stop learning?     NO

Do we ever have to stop climbing?    OF COURSE NOT

Once we leave the academic world and are not receiving a 'teachers' help, who is inspiring us? Who is encouraging us? Who is helping us climb the ladder of life so that we achieve our dreams?


DYI = Do It Yourself!!

As the picture of the human ladder shows, no teacher can carry you up. A coach, trainer or teacher can give you a boost or support you for a brief time but you are in control of your own journey to fulfil your dreams.

To stifle (v) = 1. to restrict, restrain, suppress someone from doing something . 2. To stop yourself from acting on emotion "She stifled her laugh so others didn't notice her reading a message on her phone." 3. To suffocate, to choke

If a teacher or parent stifled your creativity or your passion for something, it would be hard for you to pursue that dream.

To encourage (v) = to give support, confidence or hope to someone. To persuade or coax someone to do something.

One teacher in my high school was a real bitch. Her name was Mrs Mastropasqua and she taught English / literature. I am probably never going to forget her name! Anyway she assigned a writing project for a 1000 word fictional story for the semester and although I was not a keen writer, I went at this assignment for an A+

I worked and worked on it and my Mom would take my hand-written notes and transcribe them on her old typewriter. ( No computers back then)  I made so many changes to my story but in the end I was satisfied and submitted it. The above teacher gave me a zero......she said my short story was TOO WELL written and therefore it could not have been done by me. My parents got involved and explained and eventually brought in many sheets of my notes and said they knew for certain that I had written this by myself. She would not change my grade.

I still managed to pull a B+ out of that course at year-end but have always resented this teacher for doubting my work. When I went on to University and had to take a prerequisite English literature course, I hated it. Was it because of that horrible high school teacher? I don't know but it taught me a valuable lesson that I have used throughout my business and teaching career - he who keeps the best notes - wins! I want to tell you something inspirational about dreams and goals but really my message is to back up your work, keep notes, do your due diligence, and in an acronym form: CYA  (Cover your ass)  Sorry but not all expressions or idioms are angelic.

Don't let any teacher stifle you, I want to encourage you to improve your English. Contact me at admin@OleAcademy-OnlineEnglish.com

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