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Is your mind full of stuff or are you mindful? During the last decade, the corporate buzzword has been "mindfulness" There is even a trend for large corporations to now have a 'CMO' - really! A Chief Mindfulness Officer. Examples: SAP, Google, Aetna, IBM.

Do we use our smartphones to call anyone anymore? 2019 - most of us TEXT or MESSAGE. (used as verbs) We used to SMS but it has become more common to tell someone to "text me" or "PM me"
This Blog will teach you a bit about how to have a smartphone conversation in abbreviated English!

I'm June, my family nickname is DoeDoe ( a story I might share one day!) and I teach English online. A native English Canadian who has lived in more than 15 countries worldwide, and now calls the Dominican Republic home......a beautiful island paradise in the Caribbean Sea.

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