About June and the Blog


So who is June?

I'm June, my family nickname is DoeDoe ( a story I might share one day!) and I teach English online. A native English Canadian who has lived in more than 15 countries worldwide, and now calls the Dominican Republic home......a beautiful island paradise in the Caribbean Sea. 

Why do I teach English? 

I have struggled to learn other languages such as French and Spanish and I know how hard it is to learn how to communicate in a foreign language and wanted to make things easier for other people.  Quite simply, I am rewarded when I see my students succeed. 

I had found that many native English speakers don't understand how difficult it is to try and learn the English language.  

As an English teacher I am passionate about coaching, motivating, encouraging and helping you improve your English skills.

Tell us about a teaching success story.

The most stubborn student I ever had refused to read the articles I would send him and never did any grammar exercises or homework, he always said he was too busy. He was a true beginner and we started our lessons on Skype with basic introduction phrases. 

I asked: How are you? And he answered "Thank you"

I asked him where he lived and he answered "fine". 

Now after online casual conversation lessons together over a period of time and after he recently expanded his construction business into Canada, the United States and many European countries, he is making business deals and negotiating in English. 

I am so very proud of his progress. He still doesn't do homework and he makes some pretty funny grammar mistakes but he speaks with confidence and is getting it done in English!

And what will be in the Blog?

The blog will not replace lessons, but it will be an aid to them.  I will give small pieces of information, useful phrases that can be used on a regular basis and maybe a little deeper information about some of the more complicated words in the English language.

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